Jordan Bahrain industrial

Jordan Bahrain Paper Industries.



 Jobapack established in 2007 by United Paper Industries-Bahrain, which have more than 20 years experience in the field of corrugated cartoon industry to meet the needs of all the companies and factories in Jordan and neighbor countries.

Jobapack located in Mafraq City- King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area and equipped with the latest production lines to produce corrugated cartoons, the Company specializes in producing printed and non-printed corrugated boxes and corrugated sheets.


Jobapack daily capacity reaches to 100 MT produced by 120 experienced staff and all of them specialized in their field.   


Jobapack commits to the highest quality standards at all stages of production to achieve customer's satisfaction and also characterized by rapidly supply products to customers on time with required quality.


Jobapack making studies of the needs of all customers in a scientific and thoughtful way to supply specifications that suit the needs of its customers to reduce their costs through the development of products and buy the best raw materials.




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