Obeikan Investment Group

Leadership has no limits. It has to be developed, maintained and preserved. Obeikan Investment Group (OIG) understand that this is essential to meet and keep up with market necessities locally and globally. OIG, by the grace of God then its employees’ efforts, managed to assume a leadership position in KSA and the world. Such a position was achieved through the utmost proficiency in these fields, starting with printing and publishing which are regarded as the group’s starting point, then expanding through various fields of packaging solutions to education, curriculum development and glass manufacturing. OIG with all its sectors has won various (ISO) international certificates, in addition to safety, security and protection certificates.

Obeikan Group has proudly become a strategic partner for its customers due to the mutual respect and high ability of meeting their needs worldwide. Its experience, planning and commitment in providing practical solutions that cope with the developments of local and global markets. OIG has dedicated a great deal of special care to its social and environmental responsibilities and has interacted with great care utilizing its powers and potential for the better of the Kingdom.


الشركة Obeikan Investment Group
المسؤول Moath Moghraby
الهاتف انقر لعرض المعلومات
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الموقع الإلكتروني www.obeikan.com.sa
الصناعة صناعات أخرى
الدولة السعودية
المدينة الرياض
العنوان الرياض - طريخ الخرج - المدينة الصناعية الثانية
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الزيارات 3089


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