Rimara Pak

Rimara Pak Company for Manufacturing of plastic cutler and packaging is a Jordanian partnership company conceptualized and founded in 2005. The company is registered at the Ministry of Trade and Industry - Jordan, as a manufacturer and supplier of disposable cutlery kits to the local and the international markets.

Rimara Pak Company production facilities are located in Moqableen industrial area in Amman, Jordan and serving nation-wide. The company premises include a manufacturing facility, a substantial warehouse, customer service, and plant administration.

The company’s main production lines are:

  • Automatic packaging and thermo sealing cutler kits.
  • Automatic napkin production lines.
  • Disposable plastic cutler production lines.
  • Wet wipes production.
  • Production of meals kits for different occasions.

Rimara pak develop, produce and provide high quality products and excellent services through deep understanding of customer needs and perceptions, recruitment of high caliber professionals and technicians, adopting strict quality control procedures and embracing new scientific advancements in the disposable cutleries industry.


الشركة Rimara Pak
المسؤول Tamara Albaghdadi
الهاتف انقر لعرض المعلومات
فاكس انقر لعرض المعلومات
الموقع الإلكتروني www.rimarapak.com
الصناعة صناعة المنتجات البلاستيكية والمطاطية
الدولة الأردن
المدينة عمان
العنوان غير متوفر
حساب سكايب انقر لعرض المعلومات
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